Custom made bike courier bags for Zoom Malaysia

custom made bike courier bags

New, more robust and comfortable courier bags for Zoom

This is a project of custom made bike courier bags (a.k.a food delivery bag) we are sewing for Zoom Malaysia. Zoom approached us some months back on the possibility of making an entirely new batch of tougher courier bags for their riders. After a few rounds of discussions, the finalised design is now in production with some really robust materials thrown in. Here are some details.


custom made bike bags

We improved the design and materials for the bags


Our custom made bike courier bags are made robust to withstand the constant use and abuse. The couriers carry them on their backs while riding their bikes to deliver items all around Klang Valley. Items being sent can range from documents to potted plants and even small machinery parts. The company has gone through hundreds of bags which were made using poor quality materials.

courier bike bags with PVC frames

We used PVC pipe frame to give rigidity and shape to the bags. They are lighter (than the original metal frames) and easily replaceable.


durability of bags

Leather bottom for durability of the bags

To make the bags longer lasting, robust and more comfortable to carry, we have identified the areas for improvements and came up with alternatives. The fabrics used on areas with heavy strains (shoulders straps area, bottom part etc) would include cordura and commercial leather. The 2 inch webbings are car seatbelt webbings. They are thick and strong yet comfortable to use. And of course we use the best YKK zippers all around.

shoulder straps for bags

We designed a more contoured shoulder straps for the bags.


large YKK zippers

Large size 10 YKK coil zippers for longer and more robust use

This few hundred pieces of these custom made bike courier bags will be completed in batches and delivered to customers in the next few weeks. With the new design and tougher materials used, we would expect the customer to have less trips to the repair shop and less interruption to their operations.

If you require further information on how you can get your own custom made bike courier bags or any other corporate custom made bags done, please feel free to contact us via our Contact Us page.

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