Helinox chair modifications

Our customer from Unggun Api came in with ideas for Helinox chair modifications. An avid hiker and angler, this chair has been to many places with him. He swears the chair is worth its weight in gold, a pleasurable sit in the jungle, keeping your bum off the ground is heaven sent. Here’s what we did to his chair.

Why the modification?

There were many calls for Helinox chair modifications not long after Malaysians started using them. The jungle is constantly hot & humid and the ground is pretty soft and muddy all the time. The Helinox chair’s feet tend to sink deep inside the ground and when you try to pull them out, the rubber ‘studs’ dislodges and remains inside. These rubber ‘studs’ aren’t cheap as well. They cost $5.50 at Helinox website.

helinox chair rubber feet
We had to come up with a way to solve this

The other thing the chair was lacking are side pockets. Our customer wanted zippered pocket on both sides of the chair to keep small items like snacks, mobile phone or the occasional smoking pipe. Ease of storage and access would make sitting more enjoyable he says.

Helinox chair modifications

Helinox chair one side pocket
The zippered side pockets makes it easy to keep things within reach

First we added zippered pockets on both sides of the chair. These pockets are like sleeves and they can expand in volume. Materials used were ballistic nylon and YKK coil zip size 5. Both pockets provide ample storage space for small items.

helinox chair side pockets
The pocket can expand to store more things

We came up with an idea to address the rubber studs that are prone to getting stuck (and lost) in the ground. We sew pocket sleeves on the ends of a length of 2” car seat belt webbing to achieve this. Car seat belt webbing is strong and thick. It will provide additional support for the legs and can withstand hard surfaces (rocks, tarmac etc) that it may be placed on.

The webbing with sleeves keeps the rubber ends from being lost inside the groun

Our customer is happy with the Helinox chair modifications we did for him. He has brought the chair out on many trips since the modification (and upgrade) and he couldn’t be happier.

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