When a standard Kifaru is not enough

A customer came to us complaining that his off the shelf, standard Kifaru is simply not enough. This is not uncommon actually. We get countless inquiries requesting us to add features to nylon products. Be it adding molle straps, attaching an ammo pocket, adding pockets and compartments….the lists goes on. This particular project came from […]

Daily tote bag modification

As a Malaysian bag maker, we also specialize in doing repairs and modifications. A customer recently approached us with his daily tote bag for repairs but after having a browse at some of our existing samples and material, he decided instead to upgrade his daily tote into a bag that will never fail him again. We […]

Personalized knife bag

Here are some pictures of another ‘one of the kind’ customized knife bag we completed for a customer. Our good customer did not fancy the idea of having all his knives stored in a box scratching up each other. He wanted a bag that he could manage and display his beloved collection of knives. We sat […]