Moving sewing workshop to new location

We are moving half our sewing workshop to a new location in Ara  Damansara, Selangor. A few recent addition of industrial sewing machine and more new stock has really choked up our existing workshop. The new place would be focusing on pack repairs with bigger production capability while all prototypes and custom order items will […]

Custom built tactical harness

Some months back, we completed several sets of custom built tactical harness for a client. We now have the go ahead to publish pictures of the items. These are hand built in our very own workshop based on drawings from the customer. Finalizing the design took several weeks but that was expected as we are building […]

Backpack repair division

We have been getting more and more requests for backpack repair from outdoor enthusiasts (mainly based in Klang Valley). This has prompted us to consider setting up a specialized division for backpack repairs. Anyone serious about their outdoor pursuit activities will tell you that a reliable pack is important to ensure a smooth and pleasant day […]

Beavertail for Camelbak HAWG and Trizip

We recently completed a few custom made beavertail for Camelbak HAWG and TriZip. Essentially, the beavertail is sort of like a flap that attaches to the front of the pack. It enables additional carry options for the pack. The name ‘beavertail’ is a general term used to describe this ‘flap’ attachment but pack makers like […]

Custom mountain bike pouches

We have been getting numerous inquiries on custom made bags and pouches for motorcycles and bicycles. Here is an example of a complete set of custom mountain bike pouches we completed for a customer. Our customer is an avid mountain biker and he knows exactly what he wants to fit onto his bike setup. So, […]

Custom made laptop-work everyday carry bag

Here is an example of a custom made laptop every day carry bag that we put together for some of our customers. Each of this type of laptop work bag we make are different, depending on the needs of our customer. Our commitment stays the same, rock solid mil spec materials, built to meet your […]