Backpack repair division

A Camelbak came into our workshop with damages caused by being too close to a hot exhaust pipe

We have been getting more and more requests for backpack repair from outdoor enthusiasts (mainly based in Klang Valley). This has prompted us to consider setting up a specialized division for backpack repairs. Anyone serious about their outdoor pursuit activities will tell you that a reliable pack is important to ensure a smooth and pleasant day outdoors. Even the toughest packs would eventually break and when that happens, we hope to be there to fix it the best we can so that it can continue to serve you.


The Camelbak after repair

The Camelbak backpack repair above is one of the many we have been doing over the past month. It is encouraging to see that these sort of packs are being used by outdoor pursuit enthusiast in Malaysia. This Camelbak had a hole burnt through by the hot exhaust of a motorcross. The repair took us several hours but it really was a pleasure working on such a quality product. We try to get it repaired as close as we could to the original condition.

If you have a backpack repair that needs to be done professionally, do contact us for more information via our Contact Us page or send us a message on our Garrison Packs Facebook page. We will do our best to assist you.


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