• We create this panel for Alice Pack enthusiastic who wish to retain the frame but don't need a bulky bag. Is made from genuine Cordura 1000D, you can select fabric color, thread or webbing color as combination. Pictures compare side by side with Kifaru OmniYoke Multicam (Right).   Product Details: Fabric - Cordura 1000D Webbing: 100% Nylon 1.2mm - 1.4mm thick Thread - 100% Bonded Nylon Size T-70 (USA) or Size 30 (Asia)   Frame, belt and shoulder hardness not included in this sale.
  • EDCer SlingBag

    We do have bags for ladies, option for full brass buckles or YKK swivel buckles for the strap. Each bags we can custom color u want for outer and inner fabrics. Size is D 3" x H 5.5" x W 8.5" Product Details: Fabric - Cordura Nylon 1000D Inner Fabric - Oxford Nylon 420D Thread - 100% Bonded Nylon Size T-70 (USA) or Size 30 (Asia) Zipper - YKK Size 8 coil and puller Snap - Solid brass snap button
  • Mumdia Tote

    We create this for mummy with the design pocket outside instead of inside. Easy identify where about the babies diapers, water bottle, milk powder and etc. Ease of mind to get things needed. Size W 13.5" x H 10" x D 5.75" Product Details: Fabric - Cordura Nylon 1000D Inner Fabric - Oxford Nylon 420D Thread - 100% Bonded Nylon Size T-70 (USA) or Size 30 (Asia)
  • HyperKit Bag

    We create this bag in huge capacity, square and great to put everything in while you travelling. Is about 93L volume and option to be padded or just fabric alone in purchase option. Size H 20.5" x D 12" x W 23" Product Details: Fabric – Cordura 1000D Webbing: Seat-belt webbing rated 3000 pound Thread – 100% Bonded Nylon Size T-70 (USA) or Size 30 (Asia)
  • Dumcase Pencil Organiser – Small

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    We made this pencil case most conventional ways to keep your stationary. Single main compartment, rugged YKK size #10 zipper and reverse slider to keep it clean. Solid brass 1" D-Ring attached at the side of the pouch. Material selection from Ballistic Nylon 1680D, Cordura 1000D and 500D, Nylon Mesh See No Um and lastly we added goat leather, inside lined with Oxford Nylon 420D for all color except for mesh model. We have budget model which randomly mix and match available off cut material.

  • Modular Tactical Belt

    The Tactical Belt for Officer on duty is available in Ballistic 1680D in black. For Cordura 1000D you can choose from multiple color choices from the options menu. Molle attachment points are bar-tacked for heavy-duty usage and the body facing portion of the belt is lined with mesh for comfort for long hours on duty. We have package with 1.5" Nylon, 1.875  Safety Belt combination with YKK Buckles or Cobra Buckles or just the Tactical Belt without inner belt. Please let is know your correct waist size with S, M, L or XL.
  • Sideways sling bag for your everyday carry. We maximized the compartment inside with attachment, sleeve, elastic band.
  • Pasar Tote

    The Pasar Tote is zipped tote bag so you can store your belongings without worry of them falling out. The outer shell is made from 1000D Cordura and size 10 YKK Zippers. It has 4 pockets in totel. Shoulder straps are made from 1.875" width seat belt webbing which is rated for 2000 lbs - strong, yet comfortable for your shoulders and hands. Dimensions : H 17" x W 12.5" x D 4"
  • The Dumcase Pencil Organiser was designed especially for artists, architects, illustrators and people who love pens/pencils. The roll-out pen sleeve contains 13 slots for you to store and organise your pens/pencils and also easily identify them when you need to use them. It also has a zippered pouch for bigger items such as staplers, erasers, tapes and other objects. Once the pen slots and zippered pouch are filled, bigger items like scissors, rulers can placed at the side before zipping the organiser up. Dimensions : L" x H 3" x D 3"
  • Our Sling Size S is designed for everyday carry as a 'must grab bag'. It is for the light user who wants to carry their daily gadgets in an organised and compartmentalised way. We do take custom color orders for this design with extra charges (depending on color/material requested availability). Dimensions : L 10" x H 8" x D 3.5", Sling 1.5" seatbelt style.
  • Fatty Duffel 18 made by nylon 70D  body and mesh mixture, at fully expand the duffel measured at L 18" x H 8" x D 9". We do take custom color and size order for this design.
  • U21 Bagpack

    U21 stands for Urban 21L  - it has 21 liters of storage space in the main compartment. It was designed by our good friend from Singapore. He wanted to keep the design simple yet spacious. Besides the 21 liter main storage, it features a 2 front pouches and an expandable side pocket which can easily accommodate a 1L bottle. For the bottom, premium industrial leather is used for toughness and durability. You can select from Cordura 1000D, Cordura 500D, or a budget-friendly Oxford Nylon 420D.