Our Camelbak beavertail out in the field

camelbak beavertail motocross Malaysia

Our custom made Camelbak beavertail in action- pic by GP of CBK Motocross– location: inside the jungle of Pahang

Some months back, we made several custom made Camelbak beavertails for a few motocross enthusiasts in Malaysia. The beavertails were made with 500D cordura fabric and equipped with ITW components. The design template was rather similar across all pieces except for minor modifications like zippered slots and hidden pockets on some. GP from CBK Motocross contacted us recently with some favorable feedback and great photos of what his beavertail setup has been up to. Here are some pictures from his team’s motocross adventures in Malaysia.

beavertail motorcross Malaysia

Beavertail expands the pack’s capacity to carry stuff. A good way to carry spare clothing on a futsal match

GP commutes by bike on a daily basis and his Camelbak setup goes with him everywhere. Jungle camping, motocross or even on extended road trips, he puts every piece of his gear through real use. Each time he gets us to custom make pack for him, we know it will be a solid project because he is the sort of chap that thinks his ideas and designs thoroughly.

Attaching beavertail

Beavertails makes a great outside the pack carry for quick access items

A great space maker for bike jacket- location: Temurun Waterfalls in Langkawi Island

Beside the Camelbak beavertail, we have also in the past worked with GP and CBK Motocross team on other beavertail like carry system. Below is a custom made system we made for carrying spare motocross spare tyres.

beavertail for bike tyres

Larger version of a beavertail for a larger gear to carry

GP was happy to report that the Camelbak beavertail we made for him is still holding up to his daily use and abuse. He did point out several areas that could do with some improvements, all of which we find to be of valid and definitely taking on board for future orders. Having said so, we are currently running low on some colors of 500D and will be getting new orders in soon. We apologize to some of our customers who are patiently waiting for their custom made beavertail to be completed.

If you are interested to find our more about our custom made Camelbak beavertail or any of our other custom made nylon gear and services, please do write to us via our Contact Us page or send us a message on our Garrison Packs facebook page.


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