Our Camelbak beavertail out in the field

Some months back, we made several custom made Camelbak beavertails for a few motocross enthusiasts in Malaysia. The beavertails were made with 500D cordura fabric and equipped with ITW components. The design template was rather similar across all pieces except for minor modifications like zippered slots and hidden pockets on some. GP from CBK Motocross […]

Proudly Malaysian made EDC wallets and pouches

The past few months have been very exciting for us. We have been working with customers on custom designed, cut and proudly Malaysian made EDC wallets and pouches. This is an area we have been focusing for a while… providing customized solutions to individual as well as industrial application EDC wallets and pouches. Our customers come […]

Personalized knife bag

Here are some pictures of another ‘one of the kind’ customized knife bag we completed for a customer. Our good customer did not fancy the idea of having all his knives stored in a box scratching up each other. He wanted a bag that he could manage and display his beloved collection of knives. We sat […]